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In December of 2016 I noticed something. My aquaintence Andrew (Not me, a different Andrew) was consistently the happiest person on my Facebook newsfeed. He was always raving about his new career and upgraded life. I asked him what he was doing for a job these days and he said "Dude, web development"(He may or may not have said "dude", but I'm pretty sure he did)

I'd never heard of web development before, but after talking with Andrew it turned out that my personality and skills fit really well with it. I signed up for online courses, watched YouTube like it was my job and did lots of projects for people. Today I feel confident I can build a website that you'll love.

When the internet started, you could only access it on a computer.

Back then a web-designer was all you needed.
They'd make you a pretty website and that would be that.

Today things are much different. The internet has exploded, and we expect services like Google Maps and Facebook to be integrated into websites. Furthermore, we choose the browser and device we want to use.

Customers today expect websites to look great on thier computer, tablet and phone. Go ahead, hit the resize button in the top right corner of your browser (between minimize and close). Stretch this web-page back and forth...notice how the content moves? Things resize, some content goes away, and things stack on top of each other?

That fluid change has to be coded into modern websites and that's a big part of my job.

Most people access the internet on the go. To accomodate that, websites need to be optimized for speed. Along with compressing images, their are lots of tricks to make you website load almost instantly.

So then, web development is a broad term that means developing websites for todays internet. A developer creates a website that performs consistently across all devices and browsers.

Web-development also intergrates different technologies into sites. API's (The thing that lets you use services like Google Maps), streaming video, Content Management Services (Like Wordpress)...the list goes on, and each technology needs to be developed properly.

So that, in a nutshell, is web-development. And I love it! I enjoy problem solving and building a place for people to tell their story.

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