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Fall Wedding 2017

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Summer Wedding 2017

Harvest Table Interview

My first experience with video started in 2017 when I got hired by the Downtown Saginaw Farmers Market. I worked with the vendors and the market to create short videos that showcased the ever changing lineup of produce that was in season.

Shortly after starting that gig, I received a call to fill in for a wedding videographer. I had a BLAST being a "fly on the wall" and knew then that this was something I really enjoyed.

Since then, I've worked with Bradley's Bistro, Saginaw Harvest Table and Forgotten Ciders. I'm continuing to partner up with small businesses to help them tell their story.

About Me

Videography wasn't even on my radar in 2015, but then I attended a Moth Storytelling event. A guy named Alex came up and told his story about overcoming adversity by participating in school videos. He mentioned that he went to college for videography and that he was a videographer. "Wait...what?!? That's a job???" I thought to myself. It just never occured to me that you could make a living doing that.

After a year of sitting on the fence, unsure of whether or not to make the investment, I shelled out major cash (to me) for a pro grade camera, monopod, software and got started.

Now I am busier than ever! Shooting video requires you to be two steps ahead of everyone. It's the only way to have a chance at getting THE SHOT. I like being a fly on the wall, and waiting patiently to capture moments as they happen. My first passion was music, and I'm glad I found a new medium for my love of storytelling.

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